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The island has always been a place of mystery, standing cold and alone in the unforgiving sea, thick fogs blanketing it with eerie menace. It was 1970 when newcomers last came to live there; free spirits searching for a return to a simpler life. Since then the small community has been untroubled by the mainlanders. But as the time for the Spring festival approaches, newcomers and visitors come once more to the Island, and things will never be the same again...

The Rites of Spring - trailer

Composition: Doug Fazzani & Anni Tolvanen
Live instruments: Markus Asunta
Music production: Anni Tolvanen
Video production and editing: Simon Brind
Video concept: John Shockley

Thursday 23 - Sunday 26 Apr 2020 | Lundy Island


What is The Rites of Spring?

The Rites of Spring (RoS) is a live action roleplaying game (larp) based on works of English Folk Horror. Participants will take on the roles of characters on Spring Island and act out those characters’ actions in response to other characters and organiser arranged stimuli. It is collaborative, not competitive, and together all participants create the story of Spring Island and its inhabitants.