We aim to minimize obstacles to people being able to participate in this LARP, however every person with accessibility needs is an individual so rather than try to cover all eventualities we will provide information on what we know and ask that you contact us with your particular requirements as early as possible so we can explore what can be done.
LARPS are hugely fun but they can drain even the fittest of us so practice good self care before, during and after the LARP and let us know with as much notice as possible what you may need.

We recommend that potential participants with accessibility needs look to the information on the Countryside Mobility site  
There is also detailed information HERE

Please note that the Island power supply is by generator, which is switched off at night between midnight and 6am. If you have a medical need that requires power through the night, you will need to bring a battery or power bank capable of powering your machine through the night.  

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