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You can join our mailing list via the mailing list form at the bottom of this webpage which will be used to update everyone on our progress.


For general enquiries and information requests, please send your emails to


We have an interest group on Facebook, which is available to join at


You can join our mailing list via the mailing list form at the bottom of this webpage which will be used to update everyone on our progress.

The Team

Helena Nash

Hello. I've been roleplaying in one incarnation or another since the early 80s when my dad ran the basic D&D module The Keep on the Borderlands for me and my brother Morgan. Then in 1983 we saw Simon Groom and Peter Duncan from Blue Peter at Peckforton Castle hitting people with rubber swords and soon found ourselves down Chislehurst Caves in SE London doing the same thing, where I subsequently ran face-first into a cave wall and cut my head open.

Having paid my blood-tithe to the gods of LARP, I have been compelled to dress up as a variety of thugs, weirdos and buffoons ever since, running around woods, old houses and fields in Derbyshire on weekends. My favourite LARP in recent years was aboard The Sisyphus, from Broken Dreams / Carcosa Freelance.

I'm a keen tabletop RPGer and have written adventures professionally for Chaosium's RuneQuest Glorantha, Modiphius' Conan and Crooked Dice's 7TV. Pertinently for Rites of Spring, I originated much of the source material for the 7TV folk horror setting The Children of the Fields. As a student of the classic folk horror movie sources as well later additions, I hope to bring an authentic but distinctive feel to the plot of Rites of Spring.

You can read my occasional blog posts here:


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Marie Louise Olesen

Hi all, I’m Louise and I'm from Denmark.


Larp is a very new hobby to me, I only did my first game about a year ago (CoW17) but got hooked right away. I have been very busy since and have both played a lot more and have many planned for this year. I have only been doing international larps (College of Wizardry (several) and Demeter. And in the future Cult, Gray Center, Odysseus, Conscience and another CoW).


With the newly found fondness of larping, also came a love for crafting. I have always been creative, but with larps I get to craft all kinds of fun and different things. I am still very new to a lot of crafts but I'm really enjoying it.


So now I have decided to throw myself into helping organizing a larp game as well and I'm so excited about it. I will mainly be the logistics person behind this game.

I’m very much looking forward to creating a wonderful and nerve-wracking larp for you all.


See you on the island! 🏝


Photo credit; The very talented and amazing John-Paul Bichard


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Claire Baillie

I have been larping for just over 18 months, mainly on the international circuit (Demeter; Raven Crew; Red Centre; Convention of Thorns; The Smoke; Beyond the Wall). Being an amateur zombie in various immersive shows gave me the confidence to have a go at larping, as well as some SFX make upskills. I have always loved an excuse to create a costume, dress up and be someone else for a while. I love the inclusiveness, bravery and creativity of the community and am delighted to now be exploring the design and organisation side.


I'm interested in exploring the full range of experiences larp has to offer from straightforward heroic adventures to scary dark horror to political activism and beyond. I tend to like things with a bit of a twisty dark edge to them. In my day job I am a psychologist and have worked in mental health for over 25 years. I will always have an eye on the psychological safety of both participants and crew.


I can't wait to thoroughly unnerve you in a totally safe manner.


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Martyn Meeks

I’m Martyn and I’ve been involved in LARP’s since the mid 80’s. I ventured up to Chislehurst caves for my first taste and was immediately hooked. I didn’t manage to return but then I discovered a local club was doing the same thing in some woods, and the rest is history. I started with playing and crewing these linear adventures and eventually moved on to writing and running these on a regular basis. Also played at one of the large fantasy LARP festivals and became part of the ‘council’ for one of the factions. Behind the scenes was part of the plot team for that faction, helping to write and organise events.


Over the last few years I have rekindled my love for LARPing, by being convinced to return to fest LARPs in the UK. With the bug firmly back in place I tried out my first international larp and was immediately sold. Since then I have played a fair few and continue to be amazed by the wonderful stories we tell together and the incredible generosity of the other players.


For ‘The Smoke’ this year I co-wrote a small LARP with John, and with that under our belt he convinced me that I should help out with a larger project he had planned. I’ve always loved the genre, so I’m looking forward to bringing our fevered dreams to you.


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Matt Honeyball


I’m Matt and it all seems such a long time ago now but have been rolling dice and running around the woods, latex sword in hand, for over thirty years - many of those years in the fine company of Martyn and John (Broadsword and Darklands). After a major hiatus from LARPing I've recently dipped my toe into the Nordic style, but have loved it so far and have met many tremendous people along the way.

I'm a life-long horror fan with a particular interest in the English and Folk Horror side of things (just ask and I’ll bore you for hours), so when John asked me to help The Rites of Spring become an actual, living, breathing thing, I leapt at the chance. Currently diverting my creative efforts into all things Wyrd and Eldritch to ensure everyone attending has a fun (and fearful) weekend to remember.

As well as undertaking writing duties on RoS I’m responsible for the design of promotional assets like the website and logos (and yes, there will be T-shirts) and am very much enjoying the collaborative process to bring you a weekend to remember. Status: Busy.

Photo credit: Oliver Facey


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John Shockley

I'm John and I have been a larper for a very long time. I started in the mid 1980s with UK linear fantasy action larp, and soon I was writing adventures and helping to referee games. I diversified into the big Fest games in the UK, as well as running a small club in the Midlands. A few years back, I discovered international larp and have become pretty well known on that scene, as player, writer and contributor.


The Rites of Spring is largely my fault. After a conversation with a friend one evening, I decided that the world needed an English Folk Horror larp run on Lundy. So, taking matters into my own hands, I went ahead and booked the island. I love Folk Horror, but am not as immersed in the genre as some of the rest of the team. I do, however, have 30+ years experience of larp creation, and intend to coordinate and manage the project overall. I am extremely excited about the game and bringing the strange world in our minds to life.


You can contact John via

Joanna Piancastelli

I'm Joanna, and with about ten years of larping under my belt I'm one of the relative newcomers on the team, which is frankly a little bit ridiculous.

I've hit people with a rubber sword in Chiselhurst Caves and relaxed around a campfire under the stars at Eversley. I've played UK Freeform in America and American Freeform in the UK and Danish larp in Italy and Anglo-Nordic larp in Poland. I'm one Polish castle short of the hat trick but have a Czech one to make up for it, and I've played on beautiful sailing ships in both the Baltic and the Mediterranean.

I started organising larps in 2017 with Dawnstone, a fantasy larp based on a tabletop game I wrote for Pelgrane Press about the night before the battle that will decide the fate of the world, and I'm rerunning that later this year. Last year I co-organised the superhero blockbuster larp Marked: a School for Heroes with Graham Walmsley. I've run a larp every year at London's amazing convention The Smoke, including my own larp Unheroes, and I'm currently writing a pirate larp for next year's event.

As people who know me will know, I'm not a big fan of horror (scandalous, I realise). I'm here mostly to help out with the design and characters, and to try to make sure the conventions of the genre don't ever become something that stops people enjoying the larp.

You can contact Joanna via

Vicky Eyles

Hi! I’m Vicky and I’m pretty new to larp, but am completely hooked. I have crewed Wing and a Prayer, Skull and Crossbones, both runs of Tale of the North Wind (as Adventure Guide for the children at the family run), College of Wizardry and Bothwell School of Witchcraft x3. I have been a player at Just a Little Lovin’ ‘19, CoW21 and Bothwell x2. My diary contains more adventures yet to come before Rites of Spring, including playing at CoW22, Midwinter, Alba Summerlands and crewing at The Last Song.

In the real world I run my own business working with children and young people outdoors through Forest School programmes and outdoor education experiences. I also work for a local charity that teaches children and their families about native flora and fauna through folklore, hands-on learning, dressing up and storytelling. I am fascinated by the natural world (and will be covering as much of Lundy Island as possible with my camera and binoculars!) and am also interested to explore the potential of edu larp within my current work.

In my spare time I play Dungeons and Dragons and other tabletop RPGs. I currently have 3 active groups playing very different settings and games!
My role at Rites of Spring is crew coordinator, which I am extremely excited to fulfill.

Kol Ford

Kol Ford is a Community Project Coordinator in North London working out of the Andover Estate Community Center as part of the Finsbury Park Community Hub. His career in supporting people from disadvantaged backgrounds has included work for the Citizens Advice Bureau, Patient Forum/ Local involvement Networks, the NSPCC/Childline, Amnesty International and many others. He works very closely with the Somalian Women's Charity One True Voice and engages in regular outreach work with them.


He is the custodian of the Seven Sisters School of Spellcasting larps, a wizard school for children from poor backgrounds. Regularly writes for Avalon Larp Studios and is an Emotional Safety Person for a wide variety of larp organisations. His Omen Star Team are responsible for organising the International Sacrament Larps that run all across the world. His particular love is writing and running small chamber larps such as Bon Appétit and Meet in the Tavern and has a range of Chamber Edu-Larps dealing with his own experiences of gang culture and police, social services, mental health practice.


He lives in London with his family and his 17 year old rescue cat.

Kol will be providing emotional support and wellbeing guidance for our players and crew.