LARP structure

Play style

The setting is opaque and opt-out. This means secrets are integral to play, and that by attending the event players agree that the default is to be opted into plot.


We aim for a “play to lift” style, where players try to take action that shares spotlight time and everyone has a chance to do their thing.


Player agency is at the heart of the game. Organiser written plots will be designed to give players the most opportunity to change their course. Character agency may, at times, be limited by in-game circumstance.


Atmosphere trumps realism. Whilst the world we will play in is ostensibly the real world, there are times when things may become surreal or uncanny. The “feel” of the game is always more important than realism.


Safety mechanics will be clear and integrated into the game using meta techniques, as well as being detailed in our Safety, Accessibility and Inclusion policy documentation


We will include a list of themes within the casting questionnaire and players will be able to indicate which they wish to experience and which they do not.


Rules for in-game action will be light to non-existent. The general style will be that in conflicts the recipient determines the effect. There may be some mechanical rules to cover specific in-game actions.

Timetable (subject to change)


Thursday 23rd April 2020


08:30        Muster at Ilfracombe harbour

09:00        Check in to Ferry

10:00        Ferry leaves

10:00 - 12:00    Workshops

12:30        Lunch

13:00        Arrival at Island

16:00        Larp Starts

19:00        Dinner

02:00        Play ends


Friday 24th April 2020


08:00        Play Begins

08:00-9:30    Breakfast

11:00        Town meeting

13:00        Lunch

14:00        Festival prep

18:00         Dinner

20:00        The Rites of Spring begin

02:00        Play ends   


Saturday 25th April 2020


08:00        Play Begins

08:00-09:30    Breakfast

11:00        Town meeting

13:00        Larp ends

13:00        Lunch

15:00        Ferry check in

19:00        Arrival on mainland

20:00        Dinner

21:30        After party


Sunday 26th April 2020

08:00-13:00    Goodbyes


The Mixing Desk of LARP for The Rites of Spring