Our Vision

To create a larp that evokes the subtle creeping unease of an isolated community who have secrets from one another and the outside world. To generate, for the players, a sense of old practice and tradition born out of a pre-christian beliefs, that is “other” to the modern world. To create a community that lives and breathes in a consistent and coherent manner, with interesting relations between its members, and to introduce to this outsiders who are potential complications to the locals. To enable the players to create, through their characters, a story that shares the core aesthetic and themes of the English Folk Horror genre.

The players should be:

Prepared to be unnerved
Comfortable with dark themes and strong emotional content
Happy to live modestly whilst at the larp
Able to stomach a two hour ship crossing
Capable of going for three days without access to mobile communications

The characters will be:

Residents of the community in the main
Up to their neck in bad things done for good reasons
A few will be outsiders to the community
Potential victims to one another
Living together in family units

The characters will:

Live out their lives in the community
Deal with the complications brought by outsiders
Celebrate an important island festival
Fail to hide their family secrets
Have friction amongst themselves based on their family/position/misdeeds

The event will be run with:

A “play to generate game” attitude
An emphasis on player agency
Minimal transparency
Safeguarding and inclusion embedded at its core
No play on real world discrimination
Organiser generated plot

The game is not:

An action game
Wholly Nordic
Massively gory
A creature feature

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