Thu 23 - Sun 26 Apr 2020 | Lundy Island

What is "The Rites of Spring"?

Rites of Spring (RoS) is a live action roleplaying game (larp) based on works of English Folk Horror. Participants will take on the roles of characters on Spring Island and act out those characters’ actions in response to other characters and organiser arranged stimuli. It is collaborative, not competitive, and together all participants create the story of Spring Island and its inhabitants.


Who is it for?

You! We hope. As long as you are aged over 18, we will welcome you. If you have a long standing love of the genre and have watched all the genre appropriate films, or whether you don’t know what the genre is about at all, we think that you can join us and enjoy the game. The game will be in English, and we welcome all players who feel comfortable roleplaying with English as the  primary language.


What will the participants be doing?

Aside from taking on the roles of the villagers or the outsiders newly arrived on the island, we expect that players will be delving into the secrets of the island and its inhabitants; trying to further their characters’ agendas; participating in the politics of the community; preparing and participating in the Spring festival, and immersing themselves in the atmosphere of the game.


What about gender roles?
We are very keen to ensure that there are no mandated gender roles, whilst leaving open the opportunity to play on traditional roles if all the players in question should wish to. We have an anti-discrimination policy that prohibits discrimination against any player based on gender presentation (amongst other things). We are committed to providing a space in which all gender presentations and non-binary folks feel welcome and to enable all players to have the game that they want.


What about accommodation?

All of the full price tickets will be accommodated indoors, in the many characterful buildings on Lundy. The accommodation will range from bunks in dormitories to small occupancy cottages and facilities vary between buildings. Whilst we will endeavour to fit sleeping requirement requests to the facilities available, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all requests. The subsidised tickets are exactly the same as the full priced ones. There will be a smaller number of camping tickets, at a reduced price, and obviously these will be sleeping in tents. We will talk about tents later. Crew members will also be camping.


And food/drink?

Food and drink is being provided by the Marisco Tavern. They will ensure that everyone gets fed and that dietary requirements are met. We will also provide tea and coffee for the varying accommodations to ensure that everyone has access to hot drinks throughout the game. There will also be snacks available.


What kind of scary is this game going to be?

This is a tricky question to answer, as different people find different things scary. This is not a creature feature, nor do we expect wall to wall jump scares; the horror is a creeping kind of sinister and almost always wears a human face. We hope to generate atmosphere, rather than rely on jumps or gore.


What else do you have planned?

We intend to have an in-game festival, with island traditions. We have a folk band who will be joining us for the weekend to play music. We will update this with more things as we confirm them.



We have a tavern on the island which will be open for the duration of the game. They will serve several types of alcohol. But, please, please, drink responsibly. We expect that there will be a lot of play after dark, and if you are drunk we will have to ask you to drop out of the game to sober up, and in extremis we will end your participation in the event.


How do we get to and from the island?

There is a ferry that runs early on the Thursday morning and returns on Saturday afternoon. Ferry tickets are included in your ticket price. Please ensure that you do not miss the ferry as we have no other way to get you to the island.


Saturday night?

On the Saturday night we expect to return to Ilfracombe by about 19:00, but are aware that this is rather late to expect people to be able to onward travel. Consequently we intend to arrange accommodation for the Saturday night and a venue so that we can have an afterparty and debrief. These parts of the event are not mandatory, and if people wish to leave early that’s fine, just please let us know if you intend to do so.


Coaches from the airport and the like?

We will look into the feasibility of running a coach from an international airport. The location that we are sailing from is quite far in the South West of England, so this requires some thinking and consultation with those who purchase tickets. Due to an early start on the Thursday, we might need to arrange it for Wednesday afternoon. There will likely be an additional charge for any such coach.


Wednesday night?

We are unable to offer inclusive accomodation for the Wednesday night, but need to be checking into the ferry early on Thursday. We are currently looking into the possibility of a deal with local accomodation at preferential rates, but can’t promise anything yet. We encourage players to consider staying in Ilfracombe on the Wednesday night.


Money, money, money?

Rites of Spring is being run financially to not lose money, rather than to make a profit. Our budget is high but tight, and we do not anticipate any money being left unspent. In the event that there is any additional money left over it will be used to buy the writers a drink or something.


In the event of a weather disaster?

So, there is a small, but existent, possibility that the weather is so horrid on our chosen weekend that the ferry can not sail. In this case we will have to cancel the event. We have insured for this eventuality, and will be able to offer full ticket price refunds. We will not be able to offer refunds for ancillary expenses like flights and transport for players, so are strongly encouraging people to take out their own travel insurance to cover these.


What happens if I miss the ferry?

Don’t. Please, please don’t. The ferry runs ONLY at the time we travel and will not run again until the event is over. We have no way to get you to the island aside from the ferry. There is the possibility to charter a boat, but we have no idea how much that would cost. We recommend travelling on Wednesday to avoid any major problems. We can’t offer refunds to people who miss the ferry.

Will we need to participate in pre-play?

No, we do not anticipate that there will be pre-play expected of our participants. Characters will be crafted for each player and we will create connections for each of them, rather than leaving you to create them yourself. If you wish to create shared backstory with others, this will be allowed, but only within the context of your written connections. The game is rife with secrets and mysteries, and sharing these will damage the game for all. 


More will be added to this FAQ as we get asked more questions and get more answers...