Music on the Island

We are exceptionally pleased to announce that the larp will be enhanced by live music. Our friends from Ryhope Spelmanslag will be travelling with us to the Island to entertain you all throughout the game with genre appropriate music. 

Ryhope Spelmanslag consists of four Finnish music professionals: Jaakko Kyrö (bouzouki, fiddle, vocals), Hannu Oskala (accordion, vocals), Paula Susitaival (fiddle, vocals), and Anni Tolvanen (nyckelharpa, fiddle, vocals). As the custom house ensemble for The Rites of Spring, the band aims to highlight different events in the larp with an immersive, diegetic soundtrack. The roots of Ryhope Spelmanslag are buried deep in Nordic and Celtic folklore, and channel echoes of a time and a place that never quite existed - but sound oddly familiar nonetheless. From traditional Morris tunes to rowdy drinking songs and eerie ballads, the music reflects the rustic and primal aesthetics of The Rites of Spring; always traditional, always changing.